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Moses Specialty Kitchen Catering & Events

Our Services

At Moses Specialty Kitchen we offer a variety of services to make each event unique and suitable for our client's needs!

Garnishing Meals

Meet Our Chef

Welcome to the heart and soul of our culinary story – meet Moses, the Chef behind the magic at Moses Specialty Kitchen Catering. With over 20 years of experience and  a passion for cooking and creating, Moses brings a wealth of experience and creativity to his kitchen. Trained in a variety of techniques & culinary trends, he puts his special seasoning that elevate every event we cater.

Moses infuses his dishes with a unique blend of tradition and modernity, ensuring that each bite is something to remember. His dedication to ensuring the finest ingredients and his precis attention to detail result in a dining experience like no other.

Join us to this wonderful and delicious adventure, led by Moses's expertise, as we strive to turn every occasion into a delectable celebration of taste and culinary experience. 

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