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Heavy Appetizers

Event Catering Menus

We are happy that you are planning an event!


At Moses Catering we offer stylish buffets, gourmet serving options and more. Chef Moses specializes in a variety of cuisines, including Mediterranean, Italian and Asian. 

Whether you are interested in canapes & finger food for your corporate event, A hot cooked buffet for your wedding, or a BBQ buffet for your birthday party, we got you covered!



Pasta salad
Cesar Salad
Tuscan Kale Salad


Main Dishes

Italian Fish fillet
Creamy cooked salmon
Chicken Alfredo

Cheese Tortellini in creamy alfredo sauce
Creamy Gnocchi
Tagliatelle with Bolognese sauce


Penne with Fresh Pesto

Mini pizza bites

Potato Gratin
Eggplant pesto sandwiches
Caprese Sandwiches


Tiramisu Cups
Chocolate coffee mousse
Vanilla Panna Cota with strawberries

Pasta with Pesto


Pita Bread
Mediterranean salad


Main Dishes
Chicken Shawarma (Gyro)
Oven roasted chicken
Moroccan fish

Roast beef with mushrooms

Baked potato wedges
Cooked green Beans
Vegetable rice

Roasted Veggies


Vanilla Puff Pastry Bites

Philo apple strudel Bites

Chickpea Hummus


Garden salad

Cesar Salad 

Main Dishes
Backed Salmon 

Sautéed chicken breast 

Glazed chicken wings

Marinated roast beef in red wine sauce Caramelized lamb chops*


Sautéed asparagus

Steamed broccoli

Baked potatoes & sweet potatoes

Mashed potatoes

Corn on a cob

White rice


Chocolate muffins / Vanilla muffins

Vegan Tacos



Chips & Salsa / Queso

Mexican Style Salad


Main Dishes

Chicken Fajita

Beef Taco

Chicken Taco


Chicken Quesadillas 


Mexican Rice

Rice with herbs 

Paprika Grilled Corn


Dolce de Leche mousse cups

Tres Leches Cups

Hor D'oeuvres

Cucumber bites with cheese

Balsamic beef crostini

Vegetable cups with dip

Caprese skewers

Grilled cheese tomato soup shooters

Stuffed mushrooms w/ beef

Salmon sweet potato bites

Tortellini skewers with pesto

Croissant sandwiches

Bruschetta's with toppings

Mini chicken fajitas

Mini tacos

Mini sliders

Chicken lettuce wraps

Pasta salad cups

Salmon cream cheese bites

Mini Dessert Cups

Chocolate Mousse Shooters

Strawberry Cheesecake Cups

Cookies & Cream Cups

Apple Crumble Trifle Cups 

Blueberry Cheesecake Shooters

Chocolate Brownie Bites

Finger Food


Garden Salad

Vegetable cups with dip


Main Dishes
Mini Sliders

Mini Cheeseburgers

Chicken Tenders

Hot Dogs in Buns

Chicken Wings


French Fries

Sweet Potato Wedges

Corn on a cob

Seasoned Fries

Mozzarella Sticks 


Chocolate brownies

Mini muffins

Chicken Wings

Want something different than the traditional buffet set up at your party or wedding? No worries!

We have Themed Food booths that will make your event spectacular! Our chef prepares the food on the spot and strait to your plate hot & sizzling.

**Must allow cooking at the venue / event space

Sandwich Buffet

Hamburger Bar

Fajita Bar

Taco Bar

Falafel Bar

Build your own Pasta Bar

Dessert buffet

Dessert Buffet

A great way to sweet up your event

Indulge your sweet cravings with our exquisite dessert buffet, where a world of delectable treats awaits your taste buds! At Moses Specialty Kitchen we offer a unique mini dessert cups & cakes buffet with a variety of flavors. Whether you're planning a wedding, corporate event, or a special celebration, our dessert buffet will leave your guests with a lasting impression and a craving for more

Dessert Spread.jpg


"Super professional. The food tastes delicious. Accommodate all needs and wants. Highly recommended."

Kobi Gariani

"We ordered catering service for a corporate event. Everything was perfect. Delicious food, great service. I will for sure use them again."

Sarah H.

"Amazing food.
All  of the dishes are really on the highest level and tasting amazingly good.
Moses Kitchen is our preferred catering. Much healthier choice than the restaurants take away."

Eyal Cohen

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